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Social Media Influencers and Veneers

If your kids are like many kids and obsessed with social media, you may have heard of something called a “social influencer.” These individuals, who usually have a lot of social media followers, “influence” their followers to try businesses, products, and other consumer items, usually in exchange for money or free merchandise. The more ‘likes’ or product sales an influencer gets, the more they are able to charge, and the more exposure they get on social media- furthering their brand and making them more famous.

Unfortunately, influencer culture is not always impartial, however, meaning their product reviews can be biased and they could be promoting things that aren’t always safe or worth the investment – often to impressionable consumers, including teens. One trend that many influencers seem to be promoting (whether consciously or unconsciously) these days is the use of veneers.

You see, in order to find success as an influencer, the influencer themself usually has to be attractive, with a bright healthy smile. While most influencers fit this bill, some are reportedly struggling with their smiles – wishing they had whiter, brighter teeth. Thus, according to reports they are turning to veneers to correct their teeth, and this is having an effect on their followers too.

Who wouldn’t want a mouthful of sparkling pearly whites, right? It’s easier than you think it might be with veneers. Veneers are thin strips of porcelain that fit over the teeth to create a custom shape and that signature pearly white shade we all desire. Veneers can be used to correct not just color, but misshapen teeth, chips, cracks, and other damage to the teeth.

Veneers take just a few weeks to complete, with much of that time occurring at the lab where your custom veneers are crafted by expert technicians. When your veneers are ready, Dr. Mingus can install them right in the office, sending you home with a glowing smile.

If your teens come to you seeking a whiter smile, listen to their reasons and discuss the pros and cons of veneers. Veneers don’t replace oral hygiene. You must still care for your teeth the way you normally do. Veneers also may need to be replaced in 10 to 20 years, but the results are well worth the investment.

For more information about veneers or to schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Mingus and schedule a consultation today.