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At Healthy Bend, we strive to create an environment where people feel cared for and know they are experiencing the most comprehensive dentistry, enhancing their quality and quantity of life.  We achieve this by giving hope to patients in pain and fixing all broken people, as well as raising the standard of care in dentistry.

Our core values in office and in life are Commitment, Integrity and Intent. We are committed to change and growth, caring for patients, each other and ourselves. We believe having integrity with sincerity, honesty and accountability in all relationships provides a truly organic feel in our office.  We are intentful in communication, in our efficiency and in consistency. We believe finding the emotional why is important, we specialize in why.  

We provide a personal experience completely tailored for you. Prior to even setting foot into our office we are making arrangements to make sure each visit is enjoyable, comfortable, and providing everything you want out of your dental visit.

Our patient care advocate, Cieara, is in contact with you prior to your first visit. She is dedicated to customizing your experience giving you everything you want in your journey to overall health.  She is both passionate about changing people’s lives in a positive way but also guiding you in ways to make this achievable.

We feel strongly about not just changing lives in a positive way but also in sharing these positive changes with you.  We believe building trust and relationships with our patients is important. This starts during your consultation with Cieara and Dr. Kelley. We seek to find the reasons why and what you want from us.  This helps us personally customize your dental experience in our office.

We continue building trust and relationship throughout your personally designed dental visits. In some circumstances what you really “want” isn’t perhaps what you “need”.  We work alongside our patients to accomplish what they want while also giving them what they need, accomplishing the best of both worlds.

“Let’s work together to accomplish the healthiest, most preventive smile, One that you can be proud of”.