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You look into the mirror every day and see yourself, but what do you see when you look in that mirror? Do you see someone who has been aging a little too quickly?  While you may assume it’s from wrinkles, it may actually be from wear and tear from an unbalanced bite. Your smile may contain chipped teeth, discoloration, or even missing teeth. Your face may appear tense and fatigued. 

As we grow older we are always looking for ways to capture and hold on to our youthful appearance. Of course growing old is part of the game of life but why not do it more gracefully and without surgeries. 

Most people are surprised to learn that dentistry can serve as a non-surgical approach. Our teeth are an integral part of our facial structure. When our teeth and gums are altered by wear and tear our face changes as well. Some of the aging process is actually a result of dental issues. Clenching and grinding cause our teeth to become worn down, or we lose teeth, which causes a loss in facial structure and support. Those of us with unbalanced bite problems may find that we are more prone to the effects of aging because our chin and jaw are not in proper balance. 

Who wouldn’t want to age gracefully as well as maintain exceptional dental health at the same time? 

Non-surgical facial enhancement can obtain several youth promoting outcomes. When teeth are restored, many wrinkles disappear and your skin becomes smoother, fuller and more youthful. Many people subject themselves to fillers or lip enhancement procedures to create a more youthful appearance. Our Smile is changed when the teeth are restored to their normal, youthful shape.  By doing this the soft tissue is supported resulting in a decrease in wrinkles, fuller lips and more defined youthful jaw lines. 

What if you had the ability to add those few years that you have lost back to your appearance so that you not only look, but also feel younger again?  It’s possible, and we can help!

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