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gum disease

According to some data, approximately one in five Americans drinks at least one serving of soda per day, with many drinking much more. Soda, as you may have already heard, is packed with sugar and acids like tartaric acid, citric acid, and phosphoric acid, all of which eat away at […]

If you have diabetes, you likely know the many triggers that can make your diabetes symptoms worse. That’s why it’s important to closely monitor your blood sugar and be seen regularly by your doctor, especially if you are experiencing symptoms that are worse than normal. One complication of diabetes that […]

Periodontal disease is a dangerous disease that can cause inflammation, tooth loss, and gum tissue loss. But it doesn’t just stop there. It can also cause or contribute to many systemic diseases, including diabetes, dementia, arthritis, and a decline in kidney function. Recently, a study was conducted by the University […]

Weight loss is a 60 billion-dollar-a-year industry, according to data from Marketdata Enterprises. From weight loss programs to special foods, books, apps, and fitness devices, Americans’ pursuit of weight loss can be costly. But how much of it actually works? While diet and exercise remain the gold standard, some people […]

With 34.2 million people suffering from the disease known as diabetes, it’s safe to say this disease is a public health crisis. To put that number in perspective, it’s slightly over one in ten people, with an estimated one in three people qualifying as prediabetic. While diabetes can be caused […]

You probably already know what maintaining your oral health will do for your mouth. It will protect your teeth from cavities and prevent illnesses like gum disease. But did you also know that protecting your oral health can protect the health of your entire body? It’s true. Poor oral health […]

If you suffer from a skin condition known as psoriasis, you may already know that the illness is fueled by inflammation. Inflammation can make many conditions worse, including diabetes, and heart disease. It can also be a side effect of many conditions, including gum disease. That’s why researchers are taking […]

If you have gum disease and chronic kidney disease or CKD, you may not realize there could be a connection between the two conditions. But a new study has found that not only are the two conditions often comorbid (occurring together) they could also make each other worse. The study […]

A study has found a link between the autoimmune disease lupus and periodontal disease.

A new study has revealed just how effective water flossing is at removing plaque and reducing gum inflammation.